Meet Sabrina

Personal Trainer 
and Holistic Health Coach

Since 2009 I've been working with clients of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds to help them build healthier happier lives.  

I work with busy successful women to help them discover their beauty, strength, and confidence by figuring out what they like to do and are already doing well- then we build on it.  

After years as a rehab specialist, I make a point to know my client's physical and personal strengths and weaknesses.  This means we can make a plan that is realistic to their lives, challenges, and goals.


Together, we design a plan for success, freedom, and confidence. 

My Vision

I want you to finally make room for yourself.  As women, we serve so many people before we serve ourselves. 


You are beautifully and perfectly made and you deserve to be well cared for. 


Allow me to be your guide and support on your journey to slim down, get healthy, and love your curves so that you can enjoy life with more energy and confidence.