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Hi, I’m Sabrina!👋🏾 For those who have been following along my journey, here’s a little re-introduction. For those who have recently followed along, WELCOME✨

Here’s a few truth bombs about me and my story: I used to be overweight, overstressed, and undernourished. I was trapped in a cycle of stress eating, couch surfing, and shame. All that changed for me when an unexpected health crisis caused me to hit rock bottom. I decided then that I deserved better, even though I didn't know how to get started.

Through education, motivation, and commitment to change I was able to overcome my circumstances to design a life for myself that includes self-love and self-care as major life tools that have helped me go from riding the diet roller coaster to the healthy active lifestyle I love. Good health is the most important gift you can give yourself. When you feel hindered or betrayed by your body, it's hard to motivate yourself to push harder in your workouts or take on new challenges.

I used to be frustrated by my body believing I would never meet the impossible standards of media perfection and idealized beauty. Now, I'm healthier than ever, fitter than ever, and more able to love my body for all that it does for me. I'm no longer limited by what I think I should be or what it can't do. We only get this ONE☝🏾 vehicle through which to experience the richness of life. With so much life to enjoy, I aim to keep mine running in good order for as long as possible.


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