Ashley C. 

I've had the great privilege of working out with Sabrina for over two years. She is a Triple threat - Knowledgable, Inspiring, & Butt-kicking. 


Because of her background, Sabrina brings a wealth of expertise, both in injury prevention, and strengthening exercises. As a mom and small business owner herself, Sabrina understands the challenges in balancing work, family, and personal self-care. She exudes positivity and leads by example. Her infectious laugh will keep you smiling through even the toughest of parts of your weight loss experience. 


We've done every kind of workout, from boxing, and pilates, to circuits and weight lifting. She ALWAYS keeps it fresh and dynamic. Sabrina truly cares and knows when to push and when to modify. She's not the "No Pain, No Gain" trainer. Instead, she empowers you to bring it while she cheers you on every step of the way.

Laura L. 

After having two kids, a decade of a desk job slowly sapping my strength, and back pain brought on by both, I had the incredible fortune of meeting Sabrina.  Training with her has helped me realize goals that I didn’t think I would ever really achieve. Her broad knowledge of training, physical therapy and diet, as well as her infectious “you got this” attitude not only has given me tools to significantly minimize my back pain, but  also helped change my perspective on what training means to me.


I am in better shape now and have more awareness of my body’s strengths and weaknesses than I ever have. Sabrina will push and encourage you. She will ask how you are feeling at the start of each session and will tailor the plan that she had for the day accordingly, if needed.   And, I find on those days that I am just not “feeling it” and would much rather be sitting in bed with a cup of coffee, she works her magic and before I know it, I’m having a kick-ass workout.


Sabrina is the most well-rounded trainer I’ve worked with and an all around joy to be with. I recommend her whole-heartedly.

Jackie G. 

Sabrina is an attentive and professional coach.  She created personalized plans for both my daughter and me, and gently guided us both to our goals.  My daughter responded so well to Sabrina’s warmth and high expectations.


She worked with us in our home and was very flexible with the realities of a busy household.  This made self-care possible for me. I am so grateful for her services.